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My Promise to You

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

We live in a world of 8 billion voices, all clamouring to be heard, all wanting your attention. Many say much that is worthwhile, but so much of what is published online is filler - or worse. We've all experienced that.

So listen to the worthwhile stuff. You'll know it's worthwhile if it resonates with you in that still, quiet place that matters. Sometimes called your gut. ​

Have you noticed how much meaningless babble fills our screens, wasting our time and our minds? Did you know that bloggers are advised relentlessly to "make sure to make a blog entry every single day to keep your audience interested; doesn't matter what you write, just write!" As a result, meaningful, intelligent and knowledgeable communications get buried in the sea of mindless mediocrity that dominates so much of what comes across our screens.

What I promise in this blog is to respect you, to not waste your time or your mind. Our lives are complicated and busy enough. I promise to honour your time and attention by making what you read here:

  • worthwhile and useful

  • free of platitudes

  • realistic and evidence-based

  • verifiable by the lived experience of humankind

  • interesting and resonant

  • life-affirming and hopeful

​If you find anything in these pages that you think doesn't live up to that promise, I invite you to let me know (respectfully, of course). In the meantime, I hope you come away from enounters with this blog feeling more hopeful and uplifted than when you started.

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