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It's a world with 8 billion voices wanting your attention. Not so long ago, you'd only hear the ones in your community and in the limited types of media then available. Today the clamour can be overwhelming.

I created this site, this blog, to be a bit of an antidote to the cacophony. A simple, quiet and grounded place that isn't screaming to be heard and that you can trust. My goal is to share with you gems of wisdom that I curate from around the world, along with some of my own elaborations and contributions. And to offer support to anyone wanting to cultivate more emotional wisdom in their own life or the lives of their children.


No agenda, except for one:  to cultivate a passion for wisdom in every human.


That's it. Imagine. Imagine a world in which every person's actions were rooted in wisdom and love.


I'm one of the 8 billion voices. I could rattle off a list of academic and professional accomplishments like a resume but in the end it doesn't prove much. What matters most when it comes to wisdom is lived experience - and what you do with it.

Wisdom is all about the application of knowledge. It's one thing to know what the right action or attitude is, it's another to choose it. As a teacher, working with kids in two continents, I've had a lot of experience of what works and what doesn't in terms of effecting change. I've translated that wisdom into my coaching of kids of all ages (and their parents) for the last couple of decades.

Understanding what affects our choices, emotions and motivations, and therefore our behaviours, is what I've spent a lifetime studying - beginning before my university education, and then through my degrees at the University of Toronto (Hons. B.A., B.Ed., and graduate work in M.A. Cognitive Science). Then on through my decades of experience as a teacher, facilitator, instructional designer, manager, mentor, and coach (not to mention mother).

To really get a grasp of where I'm coming from, read my blog posts and articles. And look out for my upcoming ebooks.


I help people build the essential emotional, mental, and relationship skills they need to transform the quality and direction of their lives - personal and professional.

I help parents nurture these skills in their children to maximize their readiness for the challenges they will face in life.

I do this mostly by sharing transformative knowledge and ideas in my writing. I also develop programs and take on a limited number of clients for personal coaching. 

to cultivate a passion for wisdom in every human

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(+1) 647 561 2804

Toronto, Canada


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