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Good Stuff

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(Really) Worthwhile Resources

A carefully curated list of the best resources I've come across for living a better life. If it doesn't have the capacity to effect cathartic change it's not on this list.

This isn't just a list of great resources - it's the best of the best. That's why it's not a long list.

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The Road Less Traveled

It would be difficult to exaggerate the importance of this seminal book. It is essentially the manual to life that we should all be handed at birth. There is a reason for its well-deserved reputation. If you want a handbook to life, a source for learning and applying the most important principles of wisdom to living life, this is it.

This book turns our most unnoticed, unquestioned assumptions on which we build our thoughts, opinions, values and behaviour, on their heads. It completely changed the perspective from which I view and evaluate the human condition. I may be over-simplifying the central message, but it asks the question 'what if we don't assume that life is supposed to be happy?

In my opinion, truly one of the greatest minds in human history. Just about all of the non-fiction works of C S Lewis would be on this list, but I need to be more selective. This is a fascinating treatise in the form of an allegory of sorts, that makes the reader take a big-picture look at the way we live our lives.


If you have someone in your life you are trying to 'fix', this episode has the power to transform your relationship. I speak from experience.

This episode transformed my relationship with a family member that had been disintegrating for years. At the risk of losing credibility with too much hyperbole, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you listen to this particular podcast episode if you have anyone in your life you wish you could 'fix'. The essential message in this episode is that our efforts to help, even when driven by love and compassion, can produce exactly the opposite results and actually cause further suffering and damage.

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