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What Sageify is About

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

A balm for a hurting world - and for every human in it

In a time when sanity seems in short supply around the world, it seems fitting to resurrect the timelessness of wisdom. This site is dedicated to the pursuit, cultivation and spread of wisdom because it (along with love) is the essential foundation for any hope of a good world, a good life. Without it we are lost (globally and individually). How much more evidence do we need of this fact?

You've probably noticed that the most profound truths in life are the quiet, simple ones. When we shut out all the noise and lights and distractions, when we are quiet with our thoughts and open ourselves to honest, agenda-free reflection, that is when we make our most profound discoveries. That is when we open our minds to wisdom and the peaceful, simple words it speaks to our hearts.

It's not about looking for bigger, better, glossier answers somewhere else. We all have an innate sense of wisdom, if it can be called a sense, that has been there since childhood but which the world has drowned out. Deep in that forgotten place, we all know what really makes sense, what is the truth about ourselves and what is the right thing to do.

Join me in this journey. I am not interested in selling you anything, no personal agenda or philosophy. I am just a human like you, unmasked, de-glossed, unbranded. Just a human saying 'let's all be simple humans together and pursue, cultivate and spread wisdom.'

To join us, subscribe using the form below, and I'll let you know when there is a new post. You will never be spammed and I will never post just for the sake of posting and staying in your face. If what I have to share is not meaningful and useful to bettering your life, I won't post it. So you can be guaranteed I won't waste your time.

Subscriptions are free. No hidden agenda. Just the pursuit of wisdom - for ourselves and for our children. Because it's the only hope we have for a better life, a better world.

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Off to a great start. Looking forward to what comes next...

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