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Kids and Teens

- Frederick Douglass

because It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken [adults].

I Help Kids and Teens...

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Build a stronger kid (instead of fixing a broken young adult)

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Learn how to manage those emotions that cause problems at home, school and socially.

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Treat and manage anxiety BEFORE it becomes depression

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Address and manage the high stress that comes with academic performance goals.

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Prepare for Life

What would it mean to you to know that you are giving your kids the key skills they actually need to manage life's challenges successfully? To not only cope, but to thrive through the troubling times that seem to be coming? It's not a pipe dream and it doesn't need to be an overwhelming job.  Check out the powerful EQipped for Life Program or get more personalized support with 1:1 coaching.

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Manage Emotions

Learn how to address and manage those emotions that cause problems at home, school and socially. Anger, fear, shame, sadness, frustration, emotional swings can all snowball and cause secondary issues if left to fester. And those issues can be much harder to fix. A little help early saves much more and harder work later.

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Study Without Stress

If you have kids in high school, you don't need any reminders about how stressful those years can be. It's easy for them to feel like their whole future hangs in the balance.

Study Without Stress (SWoS) is a 6-week psychoeducational program designed by Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia for students in years 10 to 12. It equips them with knowledge and practical tips on how to approach and overcome the stress associated with heavy workload and exams in the final years of high school.  Students are encouraged to participate in the program before stress has reached a severe level, however the program can be beneficial at any time.  The program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques to help participants get the most out of their final years at school while keeping stress to a manageable level.

SWOS is an active, solution-focused program and involves learning new skills, practicing those skills in-session and then applying the skills to real life situations to create lasting change. SWOS focuses on thoughts and expectations about study, as well as actual behaviours, such as procrastination and study habits.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Understanding stress (including causes, symptoms and the role of the stress response)

  • Goal setting

  • Managing expectations and beliefs about exams

  • Creating effective timetables

  • Learning how thoughts can affect performance

  • Challenging negative or unhelpful thinking patterns

  • Understanding perfectionism

  • Understanding procrastination

  • Tips to deal with work avoidance

  • Building good study habits

  • Procedures for problem solving

  • Exam preparation

The program runs for 6 weekly 90-minute sessions, with 6-8 participants per group. The cost is CAD$440 + applicable taxes. This includes the cost of the workbook.

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