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Welcome to a little oasis
(a little sanity, love and wisdom for a hurting world)

When it seems there's not a whole lot of sanity at work in the world around us, it's that much more urgent to nurture it inside us.


Sageify is a site that's dedicated to nurturing wellness by helping us to reconnect to that inner wisdom that we've lost sight of. Otherwise called emotional intelligence. Basic unavoidable fact of life #1: you can't have a good life without it. 

Wisdom is the essential foundation for any hope of a good life or a good world. Getting real and accessing your inner wisdom is the only way to effect lasting change in your life. Join me (with or without spending a single cent) and help make your own life, your kids' lives and, by extension, the world, a happier, healthier, better place. Stop waiting to address the issues in your life that you know need attention.  Here's how:

Understand what matters and shift your paradigms

Make the changes you need to grow, heal, succeed

Create a better life for your child. Don't leave it to chance.

You Are Enough

Start with a free gift...

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You Are Enough

You are enough.

What is it about that statement that hits your gut? You are enough. 

If that statement speaks to you, this free 14-day treat is for you. If it really speaks to you, it's because something inside you really needs to hear it. And if you need to hear it, you need the daily balm you'll find over these 14 days.

What Others Say

Don't just take my word for it. Here's what people who've worked with me have said. 

Office Desk
My coach Antonia is exceptional. She immediately saw my strengths as well as some areas I can work on to improve my effectiveness as a leader without ever being judgmental or critical. She asks questions that are very thought-provoking. She often sees past my responses to much deeper insights and meaning than I have expressed and she's always right. She and I can get right to the heart of the matter together. We quickly identify how we can apply those insights into immediate action and improvements in my life. 

corporate leadership micro-coaching client

Male Teenage Model_edited.png

Z.D., 17

I had tough times controlling anger around some people; using strategies and rationale I’ve overcome that and learned to deal with it better.

Absolutely life-changing.

Indian Woman

K.A., 21

Super comfortable and relieving. Getting all my thoughts and feelings out in a safe space and being guided to realise that the cyclic thought patterns I go through can be broken.

Smiling Mature Woman

Y.S., 65

I like the way you can see clearly and make sense of the emotions I am going through. It is huge to know that you understand me.

I could not make this journey without you.


A.T., 68

It gave me the ability to see things from a new perspective and have hope.

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