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Quality vs (Groan) Quantity (and Money)

Let's stop the content-for-content's-sake and publish for substance, not for volume

Anyone with (or building) an audience in the digital world is told - ad nauseam - you must publish content at least 3-4 times per week to keep your viewers viewing!

It doesn’t take much imagination to follow the breadcrumbs from that directive to the logical outcome - just write/create anything as long as you keep quantities up. Which results in so much extra content being published that is just filler rather than meaningful - what I call the verbal diarrhoea that permeates our digital world. It’s already overwhelming how much valid and meaningful content there is out there, without the ‘filler’. When we’re then confronted with all of that extra content, it’s easy to feel that overwhelm and want to shut down.

I’m determined with this website, blog, and anything I post on social media, to create and publish for meaning, not quantity. Even if that means I don’t grow a massive audience as a result. I refuse to be a part of the problem. That refusal extends to my motives too. I wouldn’t call myself a socialist by any stretch but I am so sick and tired of how common a practice it is to put money-making above everything else. Of course I, like all of us not born into wealth, need to make a living (otherwise I’d do everything for free). But I am steadfastly vigilant about providing as much as I can without any connection to money but rather out of a deep and meaningful desire to contribute to the wellness of humanity.

Feel free to keep me honest (gently, please)! If you see me slipping in my quest to keep to these tenets, let me know. My goal is to serve you all and share what I know. I hope that always comes across in any content I publish.

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