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Micro-Coaching Initial Booking

Daily, small-steps help when you need it

Service Description

Welcome to micro-coaching! While most of our interactions will happen by text, getting started always happens with this initial Zoom session where we 'meet' and talk about your goals. After this session, the coaching happens via text messages throughout the week. Instead of regular hour-long sessions, micro-coaching is designed to work in the way we actually implement change in real life - little steps, one step at a time, with regular but manageable attention to the detail. In the moment. When you need it. No overwhelm. Not time-consuming. Daily support. One thing at a time. Micro-steps. 5 minutes, up to 5 times per week. Chat-based, on your phone/online. Powerful. Effective. Economical - for only $165 per month you get daily coaching, in the moment, right when you need it.

  • 30 minutes
  • 140 Canadian dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Contact Details

+61 424 015 951

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