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For You

Change your headspace - change your world.


- Frederick Douglass

for Your Kids

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken [adults].

EQ Coaching

Children who are struggling with managing themselves or their relationships need help to ensure those struggles don't morph into mental health or life management issues that have wider and longer repercussions. As a teacher in both public and private schools, I saw the net effect of these struggles daily in the classroom and playground. I saw the social, academic and mental health effect, and that is why I do what I do now.

All the brilliant teaching and academic tutoring in the world can't address those emotion-management issues. As you have probably already noticed. That's where EQ coaching comes in. Want to truly help your children overcome those struggles and thrive academically, socially and in life? Help them get the EQ skills that are essential to emotional health.

Just imagine what a difference it would have made to your life if you had developed these skills as a
child? What difficulties could you have avoided? What would your life look like now? Give this most precious of gifts to your children. Give them the skills they need to build a good life.

In-Person Programs

(Toronto only)

Online Programs

Make all the difference to your child's present and future with one (or more) of our online programs. Carefully and expertly crafted to prepare your children for managing the challenges of life, and delivered in a cost-effective format so that anyone can benefit.


These programs are in development and will be available for full use shortly. 

Make sure you are notified as soon as registration opens, by completing the subscription form below.

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