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Change happens from the inside out. If you've tried and failed to make the changes or reach the goals you wanted, it's likely because you focused on the surface stuff. That's actually the hardest and least effective approach. Because the inside keeps fighting it.

The good news is if you get to that core and make the change there, the change is much easier - and faster. It's not about spending endless hours delving deep into your psyche (although sometimes that is what you need). It's just about being honest about your 'why's and your 'but's and then taking action, one small step at a time.

Think of coaching as your own personal GPS. It shows you the routes that work and accompanies you on your journey. It holds your hand and alerts you to hazards along the way. With it, you'll get where you want to go instead of wandering around trying routes that not only don't get there, but may lead you even farther away.


To maximise my effectiveness, I specialise in these areas (below) when I work with individuals. If you need support in a different area, feel free to contact me and I may be able to refer you to someone who specialises in it.

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EQ at Work 

The critical importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) has finally been thrust in the spotlight in the workplace. Companies are now testing the EQ skills of their employees and recruits as they consider who best to hire or promote.

It's not really anything new - how we understand and manage our emotions and relationships has always been what drives our behaviour and choices. At work, at home, in relationships - improving our EQ, very simply, improves every single area of our lives. What are you waiting for?

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Healing Broken Relationships

Broken relationships can cause a lot of unresolved grief - that never truly goes away. Not all are repairable. But not all are irrepairable. Either way, you need to come to peace with them.

This is an area of special interest for me, stemming from my own lived experience. 



Keeping the lines of communication open is vital to keeping any relationship healthy. And often it seems the hardest thing to do. Leading to increasing emotional distancing and misunderstandings that compound over the years.

Fixing those lines, and truly connecting again, is not as difficult as you might imagine. It's doable.


You can reconnect with your child, partner, sibling, parent. It starts with the first step  - take it today.

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Meaning and Significance

Another area near and dear to my core is the deepest part of us. So many of us walk around the planet feeling a void inside that we frantically try to ignore or fill, and yet it doesn't seem to go away. It truly takes courage to face that void head-on and address it once and for all.

When/if you feel that void and want to face it, let someone who's been there and done that guide your journey to find your own answer.

Image by Randy Fath


Having healthy boundaries is one of the critically important emotional intelligence skills that are foundational to mental health. Knowing and respecting where another person's needs and personality end and yours begin is absolutely a baseline for the health not only of the relationship but of your own mind.

Are you blurring those boundaries by trying to satisfy other people at the expense of who you are? Do something about it now.

To begin working on any of these issues or learn more about how I can help, contact me or choose one of the options below:
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